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    During my experience as a photography student I was a member of Co-Optic and The Real Britain Postcard project and was included in the group exhibition Young Photographers '72 at The Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens. As a working commercial photographer, my personal work was selected for the Association of Photographers' Awards shows and the Benson & Hedges Awards.

    I have been an early adopter of new technology and in some of these photographs have used a process that requires the capture of the entire 360 degree field of view via a number of images stitched together, which is then unwrapped as a flat image. The viewer is presented with a global view of the environment from a single viewpoint. In order to make the panoramic images it is necessary to be immersed in and aware of the totality of the environment, I usually do not look through the camera while making the exposures. The ease of use of an iPhone camera allows for the creation of images which are a reaction to being engaged with evanescent moments in the environment at the time of capture.

    Printed on
    Hahnemühle Photo Rag® by fine art printers Solaris. AP and limited edition, iPhone series (200x200mm limited edition of 20 prints) £180. Panoramic and large format prints from £250 (sizes from 305x406mm, limited edition of 20 prints).

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